Communication Assets

Media Creation

Final Filming

There were lots of time lapses taken from different angles, as well as regular shots from the same locations. The images just show a few of the shots. I even climbed on top of my car to get the right angle for the milk bottle bin shot.

Parade and Albany – Context film

A Nikon D600 Camera and Rode Microphone were used as well as a 50mm Nikon lens and a Sigma 17-70mm lens

Video recording shots showing milk bottles being thrown away, shots being pulled, hack in use and general shots (Sigma 17-70 mm & Nikon 50 mm)

Remote Feedback

Post COVID-19 remote feedback was required and this was done via Zoom and Youtube. This allowed me to contact the barista and show the device in use.

Online Communication


Wikifactory was used to display the final product and work, as required by the module. It is a good site in principal and works well most of the time, but it is essential to backup your work elsewhere before saving, as this often led to work vanishing.

Google Docs

This is what I used to produce a solid backup of my work, rather than using the unstable wikifactory network.


This is the current website in use for this module. It is my personal website and a sub page created for these portfolio used. The portfolio section was used to support the simple theme.

Content Creation


Adobe illustrator and indesign were used to create the brochure and infographics required for this module. I like the software (not the company) as it has enough complexity to allow for easy production of professional looking documents.

I used my standard colour pallette that I have been using since 2018 for all of the graphics and pages.

DaVinci Resolve 15

This is a completely free professional video editing software which I used for all my video production.

Product Creation


I used solidworks for all of my CAD as it is my preferred software. The design is fully parametric and has various setups to allow easy changing of the gastronorm size.

PhotoView 360

I chose to use photoview 360 to render as I have a fully working prototype and have 3d printed it. this means I have spent more time on the physical device and the render is much less important.

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